Terms & Conditions

Justphix is an independent mobile devices repair and service center network with repairs conducted using high quality and genuine spare parts by qualified technicians.

Justphix guarantees the safety of your electronic devices by providing security insurance and undertaking blanket responsibility against any possible theft/loss caused while the mobile device is in its possession. Justphix uses Genuine Quality Spare Parts on all its devices and aims to provide100%Customer Satisfaction.

• All Devices submitted for repairer accompanied by a Job Card which is a Unique Reference Number that is either prepared by customer online or any Justphix Staff electronically. The Customer is required to keep this document for all future references. Upon creation of a Job Card , an Official Justphix Representative will Repair Customer Device On-Site or pickup and return to Repair Headquarter for Device Evaluation & Diagnostics and preparation of the Repair Estimate , that includes all charges for repair & service of the device including GST & Service Tax.

Effective Jun.1st 2020 , a Service Charge of Rs.199 for Diagnostic & Repair Estimation will be levied towards evaluation and pre-repair assessment of the Device that does not include charges for any spare parts .In event Customer opts to get the Device repaired, the Diagnostic Charges will be adjusted in the Invoice for repair and service. • The Justphix Customer Support team will call customers to take a formal approval on the Repair Estimate and will confirm the same electronically via the Justphix Online system. It usually takes 1-2 business days for Devices to be repaired , and in some cases it may take longer time depending on spare parts availability or Software Availability.

If the device require a spare part replacement ,software upgrade or reinstallation , there Levant spare part cost or software cost will be charged as and when applicable.

In case the device is given into Justphix Repair HQ with No Power or no Display or is completely non-functional, then the customer is advised to inform Justphix on details pertaining to the last incident causing the reported defect in the device. Justphix will follow a decision tree approach to repair the problem, implying to that customer support function will call the customer more than once to seek a revised approval of additional parts ifs one needed.

Justphix offers a Service Warranty upto 90 days on Installation of selected LCD Screens , and a General Service Warranty covering services and repair . workmanship of 30days on all other repairs and services. the Warranty is valid subject to the device not serviced & or tampered by any other vendor after the last repair with Justphix .In certain cases of Liquid Damage ,or other complex devices , Justphix may offer a Limited Warranty or No Warranty . For Certain Spare Parts a Limited Warranty of 14 Days or Less may be extended to the customer ,how ever all warranty period will be notified on the Customer Invoice.

• The Warranty does not cover any incidences of physical damage, screen breakage accidently or other wise or any other breakage or liquid damage caused by external environment after the device has been delivered to the customer.

In cases of physically damaged devices that also resulting damage to sensor ,processor (or motherboard) ,liquid damage devices or devices with a problem in the processor or any pre- identified serious hardware damage , it is possible that any spare part which is intermittently working or not working at the time of receipt / Job Card creation at Justphix, may potentially stop functioning altogether during the course of diagnostics and repairing . In such scenario ,Justphix will not be held liable to Return the device in the original condition of receipt. The customer duly understands the risk of repairing such devices and hereby acknowledges to accept the decision taken by the Justphix ,and would not hold the company legally responsible for the cost of device or any loss of data or information. The Repair / diagnosis of device might resulting in more wear & tear ,hence the device might not be returned absolutely as in same condition . Specifically ,in certain cases of Liquid Damage ,It would not be possible for Justphix to return the devices in the original condition of receipt.

• Although utmost care and precaution will be maintained by Justphix to ensure safety of the device / device in lines of the policy of safety and protection of companies assets ,and to retrieve / recover data & / or protect Data during the course of Diagnostics or Repair , however it does not guarantees data protection or prevention of loss of data during the course of Diagnostics or Repair.

• The customer fully indemnifies Justphix for any loss of information, part disfunctinality or from any software or license validity on the devices submitted for repair or Diagnostics ,and neither Justphix would be held liable for any instance of pre-installed pirated software.

Justphix advises all customer to retain original software licenses including CDs ,Manuals pertaining to any or all applications software / licenses that are pre-installed on the device.

Hardware replacement rights are solely and exclusively held with Justphix to install new or refurbished parts depending upon the availability .All hardware repairs will be carried-out in our Repair Headquarters.

If the Device is under warranty ,its manufacturer may void the official warranty post repairs by a Non Authorized Service Center.

• Warranty Validity :The Warranty Period will be effective from the date of repair as mentioned on the Invoice ,and it will define the warranty period.

Justphix aims to offer 100%customer satisfaction , how ever any disputes or Legal matters would be subject to Delhi Jurisdiction only.